How Long Will My New Roof Last?

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So you’ve just installed a new roof, and you’re trying to figure out how long you can go for without having to pay for a roof re-installation and go through the process all over again. Or perhaps you are trying to decide what material of roof you would like to go for before starting a roof installation project with a licensed contractor. Here is a list of various roof types for you to consider, starting with the most typical roofing type: asphalt shingles.

Asphalt Shingles

These are the most common type of roofing used by homes in the United States. Shingles are common, and many people have a box of spare shingles lying around in their garage or basement in case a repair job calls for them. There are a few types of shingles to take note of, each with their own differences in quality and durability.

  • 3-tab shingle: The most basic and cheapest option for sloped roofs. Lasts 10-20 years. Max wind uplift of 60 to 70 MPH. Suitable for temperate climates, but not enough for storm-prone areas or thermal shocks.
  • Architectural or Dimensional Shingles: Thicker than the 3-tab shingle. Lasts 15-25 years. Max wind uplift of 110 MPH, which can be increased to 130 MPH with a special roof frame bracing.
  • Premium shingles: More aesthetic, usually thicker than architectural shingles. Lasts 20-30 years. Max wind uplift also 110 MPH to 130 MPH. Can include special properties like enhance solar reflection and impact resistance for areas that experience hail.

Metal Roofs

As metal is very hardy and durable, as well as not so expensive depending on the material, this is also a popular option for roofs, albeit potentially not as aesthetic as other options. A typical standing seam metal roof is made of thick, high grade steel, and can last from 30 to 50 years, whereas premium metals like stainless steel, titanium, zinc and copper can last over 100 years.

  • Standing seam metal roof: A popular option. Lasts 30-50 years. Max wind uplift of 90 – 150 MPH (usually 110 MPH).
  • Metal shingles: Also popular and more aesthetic for homes. Typically these are 20-30% cheaper than standing seam roofs. Similar durability to standing seam roofs.
  • Ribbed metal panels: Good option for a steeper, gable style roof. Lasts 25 – 50 years, depending on the type of installation.
  • Stone-coated steel tiles: A lightweight, durable, lasting alternative to traditional shingles and tiles. Lasts 30 – 50 years. Max wind uplift 110 – 155 MPH. Excellent for hurricane environments.

Concrete And Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are the best option if you’re going for quality over everything. Clay, due to its weight, look great on premium homes, and also require a specially designed roof frame to be able to adequately support the weight. Clay tiles have very good wind uplift ratings, but could be hazardous during a hurricane. Concrete tiles are less costly but also weighty, and can last 40 – 75 years.

Slate Tiled Roofs

This is typically reserved for the grander, more solid built homes as it requires a lot of support to handle the weight of the roof tiles. They have excellent wind uplift ratings, but similar to the concrete and clay tiles, can be a hazard in a hurricane situation.