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This is probably the most exciting and fun part about choosing your new roof: picking out a color! However, this is also a color that you have to live with and see every single day, for a very long time depending on how long your roof lasts. Though many contractors may play it safe and offer up the most commonly chosen colors when in consultation with you about your roofing project, you might wish to have your own pick of the color you would like for your roof. A good roofing contractor would be able to assist and guide you in choosing the color that suits your house and your taste the best. It all depends on several factors which are listed below:

Color Coordination With Your Building Exterior

Normally, colors are picked according to a certain color palette. The color of your home’s exterior should be able to sit in a palette together with the roof color you desire. It always looks great to coordinate your shingles or tiles with your bricks so they complement each other. As an example, a gray or blue house would look great with a dark gray or even black roof, whereas warmer colors like brown, tan or cream would work well together.

The Climate In Your Area

Not many people think about this, but if you experience very hot summers or cold winters, this might affect your choice of shingle color. Light shingles would deflect sunlight and keep temperatures cooler during the summer, but dark shingles might be more appreciated in the winter as they absorb heat and can help melt snow and ice on the roof faster, and also keep the house a little warmer. The color of your shingles can actually affect your attic’s temperature by 20 – 40 degrees, so choose wisely!

Your Style Preference

Would you like a home that’s a standout, looking big, bold and beautiful? Or do you prefer a simpler, more humble abode? Usually, dark colors make a home look smaller, and light colors give the appearance of a larger home. This could also work in your favor depending on the size of your home building itself. This also comes into play based on whether you want to “make a statement” with your home or to maintain a more traditional look and blend in a little more with your neighbors.

The Availability Of Materials

Sometimes, your perfect color roof tile may actually not be available in your area or may cost you an arm and a leg just to get into your town. In that case, you might prefer to go for the options which are readily available, to save yourself the hassle and potential extra costs that come with insisting on your dream home roof tiles. The budget also comes into play sometimes and your items cannot be found at a price you’re willing to pay. Most of the time, though, you can find a close enough alternative that nobody would even realize the difference, and perhaps even yourself too.