Is DIY Roofing Advisable?

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Looking at the costs of hiring contractors to professionally replace your roof, you might start to wonder if you could save a ton of money by just doing it yourself. After all, how hard can it be to install a roof, right? Well, before you start following a YouTube video with a hammer and nails in hand, read this article to understand a little bit better about what it really means to DIY your own roof.

There Is No Warranty Coverage

It may not look like a difficult job to nail on a bunch of new shingles onto your roof – tiring, yes, but not difficult. Or so you think. Especially if you are not experienced or aware of certain things, you might actually botch up the job, which would require going back to redo it properly. By this time, you would most certainly want to hire a contractor – and you would be wishing that you had done so in the first place. Transfer the risk of potential issues arising post-installation to a contractor who would be able to come back and fix the problem for you under warranty.

You Put Yourself At Risk

More frequent accidents happen due to inexperienced hands, and in the course of attempting to undertake such a massive task by yourself, you might actually be putting your own safety at risk. Accidents range from hitting yourself with the hammer to slipping and falling off the roof (heaven forbid!). Keep yourself out of harm’s way by getting an experienced professional who has a much lower chance of hurting themselves as compared to you.

You End Up With Sub Standard Work

Professional contractors have years of experience installing roofs. Where you may have never installed a roof before, they, on the other hand, have probably installed hundreds. With their experience, not only would they be able to do the job faster, it would probably look better at the end. You wouldn’t have to risk realizing after your DIY job that there are rippling shingles, or that the shingles have the appearance of crooked teeth, like something out of a Halloween house!

A Serious Underlying Issue Might Be Overlooked

Another benefit of getting a professional to replace your roof is that they would have a critical eye for identifying whether or not there might be any other issues affecting your roof or ceiling. For example, there might be water collecting in your roof, seeping into the concrete which could cause serious damage such as structural failure if left untreated in the long term. Painting over a water stain does not make the underlying problem of an internal leakage go away. There may be other things you need to take a look at, which you might not even be aware of unless a professional is there to advise you.


Now that you know the implications of attempting to DIY your own roof, you can seriously consider whether or not this option is suitable for you. The bottom line is, unless you are an experienced contractor or have done such work many times in your own capacity in the past, you might not really know what you’re getting in for by considering taking an entire roofing project.