What Are The Common Roofing Mistakes?

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Roofs, e.g. flat roofs, are an integral component of any commercial or residential building. It is imperative that they are installed and maintained correctly in order to stay functional. Roof maintenance mistakes can be costly because they lead to more serious problems, e.g. structural damage, major leaks, collapsed roof, sullied business image, and more. Below is a list of common mistakes that individuals make. Make sure that you avoid them!

Poor Ventilation

When a new roof is being installed, ventilation has to be accounted for. The lack of proper ventilation tends to cause excess moisture to build up. If there is too much moisture, the growth of decay, mildew, and mold will accelerate. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this problem. For example, you can install a pop-up vent and ventilator on both ends of the roof. Next, the ventilator should be checked at regular intervals. During inspection procedures, keep an eye out for any build-up of moisture.

Accumulated Ice and Snow

Ice and snow are known to accumulate during the winter months. These elements can seriously damage your roofs. Many homeowners and business owners may neglect to remove ice and snow that have accumulated. This leads to leaks, freeze-thaw, and ponding. They may avoid these tasks because they may lack the knowledge and equipment to perform the task. In this case, you should call in a professional.

D.I.Y Roof Installation

In some cases, poor installation practices can cause roofing problems. For example, the flashing may have been installed wrongly, there is inadequate caulking, or there is the presence of weak membranes. If you suspect that your roof has installation mistakes, consulting a roofing professional is pertinent. Conducting a comprehensive roof inspection procedure will help diagnose and repair issues before they worsen.

Neglecting Repairs

Another mistake that people make includes failing to make adequate or timely repairs. Some people have the impression that there is no need to address minor roofing issues or they only choose to address visible issues. When it comes to roof repairs, it is important that you fix the root of the problem.

Applying Incompatible Roof Coatings

Depending on your location and the climate, you will need to apply certain types of roof coating. These coatings are essential for protecting the integrity of your roof. Apart from forgetting to apply adequate coating, some people may apply coatings that are not suited for snow, rainfall, or humidity. Contact a roofing contractor to determine a coating that is right for your roof.

Lack of Proper Drainage

After your roof has been installed, you need to ensure that the drain spouts are in the correct location and they are adequately sloped. A poor drainage system can allow water to pool in that area. If the problem persists over time, leaks will start to occur, and your roofing materials will become damaged or start rotting. Even if everything is in place, you should check for ponding water from time to time and clear the drain spouts by removing debris.

Pro tip: By routinely inspecting your roof, i.e. checking for drainage issues or ponding water, you can avoid and reduce costly damages. It is recommended that a professional roof maintenance and inspection team completes these tasks at least once a year.