Which Type Of Roof Style Should You Choose?

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Roofs can add tons of personality to your home. Some are tall and pointy, others are short and stubby, whereas others still are completely flat. The architectural style of a particular town can often be distinguished by the type of roofs that people tend to build in that area, which does become a local point of interest. But these days, you have all the options at your fingertips for you to be able to build your roof in any style your heart desires. Here are the most common types of roofs that you could choose from.

Peaked Roof, or Gabled Roof

The most stereotypical type of roof that is probably the one which comes to mind when you imagine what a roof might look like. This roof has a distinctive triangular shape and can come in different heights. In fact, it could be an aesthetic function to have different heights of gabled roofs for different wings of the house.

Pyramid Roof

With four sides of equal size and slope coming together at a uniform point, this roof really evokes images of a pyramid. Usually, this roof is not used for an entire home, but instead smaller and specific parts of a home such as the pool house or garage, particularly uniformly-shaped buildings.

Hip Roof

True to its name, this type of roof is very hip. You would have seen this around, where the roof comes upwards like a pyramid, but instead of meeting at a point, it flattens out into a ridge instead. Not only does it look interesting, it also is much more stable than the pyramid roof, and less susceptible to being damaged by strong winds.

Flat Roof

A very distinctive roofing style, flat roofs offer the practicality of potentially having a rooftop garden or bar. This is a lovely idea especially in high-density cities, or in holiday destinations where a hotel can offer a rooftop bar or pool as part of their attractions. However, this type of roof may require more maintenance and repairs due to the build-up of debris, and may not slough away water as effectively as other roofs.

Skillion Roof

A very modern design, this has a long and sloping surface, like half of a gabled roof, or perhaps a flat roof on an incline. This type of roof looks quite art deco and adds a stylish touch to a building. This roof also is highly effective at draining rainwater, and can also be done in a modern style.

Saltbox Roof

Like the skillion roof, this one has a long sloping side, but there is a shorter side too, so there is a point at the top. Because of the steep incline of the long side, people sometimes have this roof when a house has one storey on one side and two storeys on another. Though this is not common, it really makes your home stand out from the other more traditional looking designs.