Why Do Some Buildings Have Steel Roofing?

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Homes, hotels, barns, offices, stores, etc. Steel roofing is everywhere. They offer a wide variety of advantages and can be installed for different applications. Find out more about this type of roof so that you can become a better-informed consumer.

Understanding Steel Roofing

As the residential market continues to boom, more homeowners are realizing the wonders of installing steel roofing. For starters, consumers have found that this particular roofing can save them money in the long run. Additionally, the size of one’s roof does not matter when it comes to installing this roofing. Steel roofing systems can accommodate any roof size. In some cases, steel roofing has also been used as an accent for awnings or as part of an existing roof. If you are interested in the latter option, you should consult a roofing specialist to ensure that the two different materials are compatible. If not, they may degrade one another.

Next, steel roofs are chosen for commercial applications due to their stellar weather resistance to moisture and wind. Places that are affected by tropical weather or hurricanes often have buildings with steel roofs. Aside from that, this type of roof also gives commercial building owners the peace of mind that their roof does not need heavy maintenance. Here is a quick look at various commercial buildings that install steel roofs:

  • Transportation buildings
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Military installations
  • Government buildings
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Top Reasons for Steel Roof Installation

  • They can be installed quickly

A steel roof can be put up over an existing roof. This option also causes less disruption to you and your neighbors.

  • Lightweight properties

When it comes to roofing materials, steel is one of the lightest materials available. It typically weights 1.5 pounds per square foot and there is no need to reinforce your home.

  • Tough like steel

Pun intended! As steel is weather-resistant and durable, it can outlast other roofing materials in any season. The material can stand up against the effects of the sun, rain, hail and even hurricane force winds. Additionally, it can last up to five decades.

  • Versatility

Steel roofs come in a wide array of designs and styles. In fact, it is exceptionally customizable and can be made to look like other types of roofs.

  • Adds value to your home

Making up approximately 80 percent of the metal roofing market, the demand of steel continues to rise. The popularity of the material also provides better resale values to homeowners.

  • Easy to maintain

A steel roof does not warp, shrink, or crack under the effects of sunlight, humidity, and other weather conditions. Roof maintenance is extremely easy.

  • Reduce cooling and heating costs

Many steel roofs are energy efficient. These roofs have high reflectivity and can deflect sunlight to prevent it from being absorbed. During the winter months, the roof can also act as an insulator.

  • High level of safety

You should keep in mind that steel roofs are extremely fire-resistant. It insulates against sparks well, which helps to prevent a fire from spreading around your home. In fact, these roofs have a Class A rating as a noncombustible roofing material. It is the highest possible rating!