Why Should You Waterproof Your Roof?

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Water damage is one of the most problematic, yet commonly occurring problems faced by homes and buildings. You don’t need a natural disaster to strike – all you need is a spell of heavy rain to get through your roof and your house is compromised. While most roof types are already to some extent water-resistant because of the materials used, especially if the roof is efficient at sloughing water away, sometimes depending on your roof type, age, or the weather conditions in your area, waterproofing is a necessary measure to take. It is not only the roof which waterproofing protects but also the walls and structural integrity of your home.

Avoid Property Damage Due To Flooding

During a heavy rainstorm, the roof might not be able to withstand the constant attack on it by the elements. There may be some cracks that occur, and rain would be able to barrel through the ceiling into your home. If this is very serious, large holes would occur, allowing a flood of water to enter your home and fill up your home. While you wouldn’t drown from this kind of flooding, it would most certainly get into your furniture, walls, and other belongings, causing damage to all your items.

Avoid Compromising Structural Integrity

Water that seeps into the walls can damage the internal structure of your home. If the structural integrity of your home is compromised, it can lead to a whole host of problems as it is not only the roof that needs to be fixed but the building itself! By waterproofing your roof, you can avoid water damage from water entering your walls and staying there for long periods of time, slowly eating away at the building materials and causing it to rot, weakening the structure of your home.

Prevent Mold And Bacteria Growing

In damp conditions, mold, mildew, and bacteria are free to grow and spread as they please. You would end up with their spores flying around the room, which ends up getting breathed in by yourself and your family members. Especially if you have young children, this could make them fall very sick and cause unhappiness for the whole family. Protect yourself and your family by avoiding the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria in your home.

Promote Efficient Cooling Of Your Home In The Summer

When there are cracks in the walls or roof, and water seeps in, the air in the house becomes extremely humid. Humid air in the summertime makes you feel dreary and dragged down, as the air is unable to circulate as efficiently as drier air. The humid air traps heat inside the house, making the house much warmer than it should be. Waterproofing makes a roof much more energy efficient, lowering cooling costs for your home.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

When you waterproof your home, you prevent problems from occurring such as leakage, property damages, and damages to structural integrity, all of which requires money to repair. Imagine if you had spent just a fraction of that money on waterproofing instead, and not only avoided the extra costs, but also the hassle and trouble that you face when such problems occur!