Whether you choose to stay in the same area or want to fix up your home to sell, it is important to attend to all little property-related issues as they arise, otherwise, you may find yourself with big bills to pay. Some people have friends, family or neighbors they can call onto help them, but most us need the professional services of a reliable home maintenance company. A. Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing is an excellent choice for all kinds of external repairs in the Bronx.

About Bronx, New York

Today, the Bronx is one of five highly populated boroughs in New York City. Even so, around one-quarter of the borough is open space or green land. The name “The Bronx “was derived from a man named Jonas Bronck, who was responsible for introducing settlers to the area in 1639. Since that time immigrants have continued to migrate to the area, converting it into the urban area it is today, awash with cultural and multiple ethnicities.

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Having a dependable roofing system atop your house is essential. However, sometimes they can deteriorate or develop leaks, which can be difficult to locate and fix. It is essential to regularly inspect your roof for damage, but if you don’t do that or are unable to do that, then A. Stewart Roofing can assess and inspect your roof on a regular basis and can also carry out any much-needed repairs as they arise.


Many properties have basements, which is excellent for storage or extra room, but if the foundations are not cared for properly, there is the risk of water penetration, and that can undermine your house. You may not notice there is an issue until you notice a smell. It is that time that you need to call in the experts, either to put your mind at rest or to take care of whatever issue has beset your house or property. A. Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing has been taking care of highly prized properties for 45 years. Whether you need sump pump pits, sump pumps or more minor fixes, we can help.

Gutter Repair

The gutter has a very important job. As the house is open to the elements, the rain collects and is seamlessly escorted away to the ground. When everything works in harmony you probably don’t even notice what a great job it is doing. However, it needs hole or blockage inspections on a regular basis to ensure there is no build-up of leaves, debris, etc., which can prevent a smooth run-off of water. There may be a time when your gutters become damaged beyond repair. If you do need a gutter repair, or even replacing then we can help. We have a range of gutter upgrade options that will not only grace your home but will be effective against leaks.


Masonry is not designed to last a lifetime, but it can last for many years before it starts to deteriorate or develop problems. If small issues are left neglected, then water can easily penetrate, causing issues with the interior walls. If you have masonry that has fallen from the external wall, don’t leave it to chance, book an inspection today. We can help with a range of work, and we can also offer a bespoke design service if you need a more complete home improvement service.

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