Long Island

Long Island is a place of dazzling beauty and fluctuating weather conditions. It has very sunny summers and it can have chilly winters with lots of rain and wind. These weather fluctuations all contribute to a deterioration of the exterior of your house, garage or outbuilding. Once a building starts to deteriorate if it is not repaired as quickly as possible that deterioration can quickly contribute to further problems with your home. A. Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing has been trusted by families and businesses on Long Island for almost half a century.

About Long Island, New York

Long Island is a highly populated island that is situated off the East Coast of America. It starts at New York Harbor extending east into the Atlantic Ocean. It is the longest of the islands in the areas at 118 miles and has a population of more than seven and a half million residents.

A. Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing | Areas of Specialties in Long Island


If you need a new roof on your house, we can help. We can provide anything from traditional slate and shingle roofs or flat roofing on a garage or other property. There is a range of options available and we can talk you through the best option for your roofing issue. We can also respond to urgent leaks that just can’t wait until office hours.


Leaks can be the bane of your life and sometimes it can be very difficult to trace a leak. You might know where it is coming from, but closer inspection may yield no results. A. Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing has more than 45 years of hunting, finding and fixing leaks of all descriptions. We can waterproof the external walls of your home or garage ensuring the interior contents remain water-free, clean and dry.

Gutter Repair

If your gutter has started to leak, it needs to be repaired as soon possible before the leak becomes a deluge of water tumbling from the gutter. There is not only the inconvenience of getting a good soaking every time you pass the leaky gutter, but the constant leak can start to seep down into the foundations of your home, causing much more serious problems later down the line. Attending to smaller jobs earlier will prevent big bills and jobs later.


We all have the best intentions, but sometimes when we notice a little issue, such as a crumbling to a brick wall, it is easy to think we will get someone to look at it a little later. Time goes by and that small crumbling has manifested into a larger crumbling area, or the whole wall has been affected. Taking care of small problems from the get-go will prevent big repair bills.

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A. Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing makes every job a priority, no matter how small. We know that there are many companies out there in Long Island that will not help you fix or repair your smaller issues, which is why we are there for you. Our guaranteed high-quality work comes as standard, as does our devotion to great customer service. Call us at 1 (800) 636-3944 to arrange an appointment or email us at [email protected] today.