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Many property owners are understandably concerned when their roof gutter starts to leak. Whether your building is constructed with gutters that are built in or you chose to get them installed, it is essential to review the gutters and repair them as soon as any problems are detected.

Understanding Gutter Repair

Gutters are responsible for capturing water that would normally fall off the roof. Without them, the water would land on the ground, causing soil erosion and damaging the siding. Gutters also protect buildings from basement flooding. If water is allowed to build up in either the basement or foundation this will cause hydrostatic pressure to occur, and the water will eventually appear inside the building. If the building is located on top of a hill the situation is even more serious, as unchecked soil erosion can ultimately lead to structural collapse. Gutter repair typically involves patching holes or sealing corner joints which have become leaky.

Why Perform Gutter Repair in New York City?

New York has a continental climate which makes it subject to lots of rain and snow. Over time, the gutters on buildings in the area may develop holes, usually as a result of rust. Rust is notorious for gobbling up copper, aluminum and even steel. As a consequence, New York roofers are skilled at dealing with damaged gutters and repairing them. They can patch each hole to ensure it doesn’t expand. They will use tools such as roofing cement and repair patches which are compatible with the materials used in the gutter, such as copper flashing for a copper gutter.

Benefits of Gutter Repair

Gutter repair can be used to fix joints which have become leaky. Gutter leakage usually results from joints between gutter lengths that have begun to fail. Gutters are also subject to sagging, as many are held in position by big spikes which pass within the tubular sleeves, which are referred to as ferrules. Should a spike become loose, the gutter will sag, and may sometimes even fall down. Gutter repair can be used to correct the problem by replacing loose spikes in favor of something which won’t come loose easily, such as gutter screws.

Another advantage of gutter repair is that it can be used to replace EPDM linings. This is done by placing the rubber on a gutter that is old or leaky, which produces a strong seal which will stop water from getting in and producing rot. Additionally, it will extend the service life of the gutter while making them more pleasing to the eyes.

Why Choose Us for Gutter Repair Services in NYC?

Gutter repair doesn’t need to be an expensive hassle. A. Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing has decades of experience repairing gutters on all types of buildings and we provide solutions which are affordable. We will clean your gutters, clearing away the debris, after which we will repair them in a way that prevents an overflow or buildup of water which can damage the foundation. Speak with our representatives today for a free estimate.