Cold Roofs

The Northeastern United States is well known for cold winters and snow storms, some of which are so severe that power is cut off and flights have to be canceled. As such, a number of property owners in the area are considering installing cold roofs, which provide a number of advantages during winter, one of which is to prevent the formation of ice dams.

Understanding Cold Roofs

Cold roofs are constructed in such a way where insulation is established among the joists of the ceiling. As a result, everything on top of the insulation, like the rafters, will be colder than the living interior beneath them. This makes the living space more comfortable for occupants. When a roof is not properly conditioned or maintained, it is subject to leaks. Ice dams cause leaks and then leaks damage roofs.

Why Install Cold Roofs in New York City?

New York, like much of the Northeast, receives more blizzards and snow storms than any other area of the country. These storms can quickly take their toll on roofs which are not sufficiently prepared. This is why roofing contractors in the New York area have been on the cutting edge of developing roof materials and construction methods that can withstand heavy snowfall and other adverse weather conditions.

Benefits of Cold Roofs

During spring the snow that has accumulated on roofs will begin to melt. This is when roofs are most prone to leakage. A home that is warm in the interior is one where the heat will rise, going directly to the attic. What happens once the hot air gets there is extremely important. The snow on top of the roof will warm up and melt, and the water will then flow down to the eave. Since the eave is not as warm as the other parts of the attic or roof, the water will freeze a second time, producing an ice dam which will damage the roof structure over time.

The biggest benefit of cold roofs is that they provide sufficient ventilation and insulation beneath the roofing material, which keeps the snow where it should be. This helps avoid the formation of ice dams. It is important to realize that snow does not fall off a roof in a controlled manner. It is quite unpredictable and may instead create ponding in roofs which have low slopes. Snow can cause major problems, including damaging gutters and shrubbery. The accumulation of snow on top of a roof is a major factor in roof collapses in the Northeast, especially in older buildings.

Why Choose Us for Cold Roof Services in NYC?

The cold roofs installed by A. Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing are designed to keep snow in position, where it can melt in a natural way while serving as a blanket of insulation for your roof. Our construction methods prevent the buildup of heavy snow and we take into consideration the design of your roof, its slope and length from ridge to eave. Speak with our representatives today for a free estimate.