Sheet Metal Roofing

Whether you’re installing a new roof or renovating your current one, there are a wide range of materials available on the market. Although asphalt remains the most popular option, sheet metal roofing is experiencing an increase in popularity.

Understanding Sheet Metal Roofing

Sheet metal is a type of metal which is produced by specific industrial methods that results in pieces which are flat and thin. It is prized for metal work as it can be sliced into a wide range of shapes. The thickness of sheet metal can vary a great deal, from ultra-thin sheets to thicker 6 mm plates. There are a number of metals which are used, such as copper, brass, aluminum, nickel and tin. Aside from roofing, sheet metal is used heavily in the automobile industry and for medical devices.

Why Install Sheet Metal Roofing in New York City?

Sheet metal roofing is excellent for New York buildings since it’s fireproof. It fits within the guidelines of local building codes, and is one of the safest roofing materials that money can buy. In addition to fire, it also can withstand lightning, which NYC receives occasionally. Although many buildings in the area are tall enough to be susceptible to lighting strikes, sheet metal roofs can be grounded, which means that a secure conduit is offered for any current that strikes, eliminating the possibility of structural damage.

Sheet metal is also one of the most energy efficient materials you can use on your roof. This is a big deal in New York, which has some of the steepest energy costs in the nation. A roof designed with sheet metal that is light colored will better refract heat, which means it will be cost effective to keep the building cool during summer. During winter, sheet metal acts as a superb insulator, which means you will reduce your energy bill for all four seasons.

Benefits of Sheet Metal Roofing

This type of roofing material comes with many advantages, one of which is longevity. Metal roofs are known for their ability to resist the ravages of time, even more so than asphalt. Certain type of metals, such as tin, copper, aluminum or galvanized steel, are capable of lasting for many years, perhaps even a century or more.

Sheet metal roofing is also affordable. Although the costs up front can be higher than asphalt tiles, over the long term, sheet metal roofing will provide better cost savings. The reason for this is because metal roofing will last for a generation, whereas roofs made with asphalt have to be renovated every 20 years or so. Furthermore, sheet metal requires far less maintenance.

Why Choose Us for Sheet Metal Roofing Services in NYC?

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