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The Northeastern U.S. receives a considerable amount of rain, sleet and snow each year. While water is an indispensable resource, too much of it in the wrong places can cause problems, especially when it comes to buildings. This is why waterproofing is so important.

Understanding Waterproofing

Waterproofing can be accomplished with a variety of materials. In recent years liquid membranes have become quite popular, due to their efficiency and low environmental impact. Some of the best materials for this method include urethane, PMMA, elastomeric, silicone and polyurethane. Most coatings come in the form of a white color which is reflexive, which will redirect UV radiation while simultaneously reducing the temperature of the roof.

Why Do Waterproofing in New York City?

Most of the older roofs in the New York area use roofing membranes which are single ply. This includes EPDM or bituminous membranes. Attempting to replace these old roofs completely is typically not cost effective, but over the last few years New York contractors have begun using roofing systems which can be liquid applied. Due to the demand for roofing services in NYC, roofing firms are adept at selecting the correct materials which are compatible with an existing roof. If the wrong material is used the consequences can be dire, which is why contractors will first evaluate the existing roof before making a recommendation.

Benefits of Waterproofing

One advantage of waterproofing is lower humidity. As it stops the infiltration of water, no cracking will occur. Cracking is a leading cause of shrinkage and the separation of seams which in turn cause roof leaks. By reducing the amount of moisture that enters a building, humidity will drop, which allows the air to be more efficiently cooled during summer. A second benefit of waterproofing a roof is the lower maintenance requirements.

When a liquid proof coating is placed on top of the existing roof, the altered bitumen is much simpler to maintain and repair. The maintenance costs will also be lower, with fewer problems to deal with. Additionally, waterproofing a roof will make it far more energy efficient. This is because the coating is formulated in such a way where the ingredients are extremely reflective, which means IR radiation emanated by the sun will bounce back, away from the structure. This will lower cooling costs. Some waterproofing products are also eligible for rebates, which is another bonus. Many NYC contractors prefer products that have been certified Energy Star, as these products typically have warranties which guarantee optimal energy usage.

Why Choose Us for Waterproofing Services in NYC?

Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing is a reputable New York contractor that has extensive experience waterproofing roofs of all types. We use silicone, urethane and acrylic coatings which can be applied to an existing roof without the need to tear off or replace anything, which  will save you a great deal of money. The waterproofing we provide will also repel heat rather than absorb it, which means it will last much longer. Contact us today for a free estimate.