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Are you looking for durable and affordable roof deck installation services in New York City? Look no further than A. Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing! We provide stellar roofing solutions for both residential and commercial buildings.

Understanding Roof Deck Installations

Roof decks are roofing materials that are located between the structural components (e.g. the joists) and weatherproofing/insulation layers (e.g. coatings) of a roof. Simply put, this is the section of the roof where you will install some of your home’s equipment (e.g. air conditioning system). As you can see, roof decks need to be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of such equipment.

Common types of roof deck materials include wood, cement, concrete, and steel. Oftentimes, contractors will decide which material to use after considering how much weight the deck needs to carry. Other factors that will be taken into consideration include snow and rain. If you are planning to build special features like a rooftop swimming pool or walking deck, your roof will require extra support.

For residential buildings, tongue-and-groove wood roof decks and plywood roof decks are popular options. These roof deck materials can stand up to the weight of almost any kind of roofing material that will be placed on top. In some cases, tiles are used to reinforce the deck.

For commercial buildings, cement, concrete, and steel roof decks are common. Air circulation pumps, air conditioning systems, etc., are heavy. What’s more, the large buildings tend to span more distance. Since the equipment must be serviced on a regular basis, the roof deck must also handle the weight of the maintenance crew.

Why Do You Need Roof Deck Installation Services In New York City?

Remember, the roof deck must be able to hold the weight of everything that is placed on it without fail. If the roof deck is improperly installed, you may face structural issues in the near future and accidents may even occur. That is why you require professional roof deck installation services in New York City. An expert roofing contractor possesses the expertise to select the correct roof deck material to hold the load of all materials and equipment that need to operate from the roof. These are things that need to be done right from the get-go.

Benefits of Roof Deck Installations

Here is a list of benefits you can enjoy when you opt for roof deck installations in NYC:

  • You can add personality to your home. By standing out in your neighborhood, your property’s value automatically increases.
  • If you live in an open area, you can take advantage of full-sun exposure. For example, you can install solar panels.
  • You can create a slope for better drainage or improve wind-uplift performance.
  • You can unlock better thermal performance and fire resistance for your building.
  • You can create an entertainment area that comes with outstanding views.

Why Choose Us for Roof Deck Installation Services in NYC?

When it comes to roof deck installations, A. Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing strives to ensure our valued clients have access to premium quality roofing materials. We have been in the business for more than 40 years and we are always ready to take on your NYC roofing project, regardless of scope and size in the most efficient manner. Don’t hesitate to request for a free estimate for your NYC roof deck installation needs.

Roof Deck Installation