Do you want to give your home or business in New York City a high-end look? Skylights may be the roofing product that you need! At A. Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing, our made-to-order residential and commercial skylights are the perfect enhancements your building needs. They are up to code and keep your property waterproof.

Understanding Skylights

Also known as roof lights, skylights are a type of window that is usually installed in the roof line. They are often a single-glazed and light-diffusing molded unit. The glazed layer can be tinted or clear acrylic, glass, or polycarbonate. Skylights may also have a diffuser panel, and flexible or long white-colored light wells fitted at ceiling level.

You should keep in mind that there is more to skylights than just creating a hole in your ceiling and fitting some glass or plastic materials within the space. They come in a great array of sizes and shapes. What’s more, the material they are constructed with and the care given when they are built and installed can affect certain structural aspects. For example, how well the room is protected from leaks and whether or not your home is adequately insulated. The position of the skylights also affects how much sunlight can enter the room.

Why Install Skylights In New York City?

Today, skylights are considered a necessity for buildings in the Big Apple. They are often installed for code adherence or to allow light to enter a dark or unventilated area. If you feel that your space requires natural sunlight to help get rid of a musty odor and a feeling of nothingness, skylights are perfect for you. These roofing enhancements are also a stellar alternative when you are restricted by the current sizes of your windows – when you want to create a new architectural outlook or fix up some privacy issues.

Benefits of Skylights

When you install skylights in your home or business, you are making a major contribution to comfort and energy efficiency. Skylights are a great source of natural light. They can be designed to admit over three times as much light as a similar-sized vertical window. Light is distributed evenly, more energy is saved, and visual comfort levels are improved.

Skylights have the ability to increase the amenity of your internal spaces. They are an excellent addition to windowless rooms, where supplementary ventilation and artificial lighting systems may be needed. Skylights also add flexibility in your property’s architectural design. Under overcast conditions, the existence of skylights can ensure your space is still predominantly lit by natural light. As you do not have to depend heavily on artificial lighting, you can slash your utility bill.

Why Choose Us for Skylight Installation Services in NYC?

At A. Stewart Roofing and Waterproofing, we provide stellar installation and repair services for skylights. We have been in the business of more than four decades and have serviced a great array of homeowners and business owners in New York City. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that we utilize premium materials when it comes to building your skylights. Contact our skylight technicians today and get a free estimate!